We stand for a future without electronic waste

A sustainable future needs people who believe in it. The Minimise team works tirelessly with companies of any size to eliminate one electronic waste footprint at a time.

Minimise Team

The team behind Minimise

We are driven by a passion for technology and the desire to establish a responsible way of protecting our environment and resources. When we first learned about the still relatively unknown but global problem with e-waste, we just knew that something had to be done. Since then, we have been pursuing one mission: a future without e-waste.
Founder / CEO
After some time in the automotive sector, Stefan was searching for ways to have a real and lasting positive impact on the planet. With founding Minimise, he can finally be part of the change and promote a sustainable future.
Product Manager
For a mobility startup, Anton used to keep thousands of bikes in the loop. Now he wants to put all his efforts into the fight against the e-waste problem. He is determined to keep living his enthusiasm for sustainable technology and electronics.
Co-CEO (NEEW Ventures)
Florian is convinced that the world of e-waste recycling requires thorough data collection and the unification of information streams. He is committed to the creation of this infrastructure and aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling globally.
Co-CEO (NEEW Ventures)
Philipp believes that the current crisis of CO2 compensation is an opportunity for innovative and fact-based solutions. It is his vision to actively shape this transition of the industry onto a new and more sustainable path.
If you want to consult us or find out more about Minimise and our efforts, feel free to reach out to us.