Solving the electronic waste problem together with businesses that care

Our vision

At Minimise, we believe in a world without electronic waste.

Our goal is to tackle the rapidly growing global electronic waste problem together with companies that use or produce electronic devices. Together we do not only protect the environment and local population from the dangerous environmental hazards caused by electronic waste, but also preserve valuable resources that ensure our access to new developments in the future.
The problem

Electronics certainly come with a CO2 footprint.

Looking at the whole picture though, the footprint is much more than only CO2. In fact, electronics waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world.


Jumbo-jets of e-waste
By 2030, we will produce the equivalent of 400,000 jumbo jets of electronic waste every year.
To date, less than 20% of electronic waste collected is properly recycled

20 %

The remaining 80% often ends up in landfills of developing countries.

80 %

With the burning of electronic waste, 90% of its resources are lost and cannot be reused.

90 %

The Solution

We take action on this lost e-waste in a process we call recirculation, collecting it and making it available to the value chain again.

For each piece of electronics, in collaboration with local initiatives, we enable the collection, transport and recycling of exactly the amount of e-waste that is generated by the organization that wishes to contribute. Along this process, we collect data and turn it into e-waste credits. This high quality digital asset is then made available to our customers. Its transparent and traceable properties allow for it to be used for sustainability reporting, communicating your sustainability efforts and much more.