The evidence-backed alternative to CO2 compensation

For manufacturers and retailers of electronic devices, as well as any company equipping their employees with IT.

Did you know?

The footprint of your business consists of more than just CO2. The electronics you produce, sell or use are made of resources that at the end of their lifecycle become e-waste.

We recirculate this lost e-waste and gather data which - like with CO2 certificates - we turn into the highest quality digital assets for:
Effortless ESG
and CSRD reporting
Evidence-backed marketing
customer loyalty

Electronic waste contains resources we should hold on to for a circular economy. Minimise has built a network of organizations active in developing nations, recirculating "lost" e-waste.

We finance their activities and make sure the process of recirculation happens according to the highest environmentally-sound standards. The recirculation journey is documented from which we produce e-waste tokens. These tokens are transparently stored on the Minimise registry.
reporting efforts
The toxic waste
we mitigate
The waste we
safely dispose
By buying e-waste tokens you contribute to this positive impact and gain access to the data in the process.
E-waste footprint

Calculate your organization’s electronic waste footprint

Discover the electronic waste footprint of your organization and learn how to minimise it. The calculator only takes a few minutes and provides you with valuable insights into your organization’s current sustainability, as well as actions to further improve.
How much waste is produced by your organization in a year?
What environmental impact do your organisation’s devices have?
What valuable materials are lost without recycling?
How can your organization’s footprint be reduced?
How does my organization compare to others?
Unlock impact

Move beyond CO2 compensation to e-waste recirculation and benefit from an enhanced corporate impact.

CO2 compensation has been around for ages, but by now we’re seeing its weaknesses:
CO2 compensation
E-waste recirculation
Widely implemented
New kid on the block
Product footprint
Translated to a greenhouse gas
Matched to resource footprint
Based on
Planned impact
Evidence of e-waste collected
CO2 can’t be traced, only estimated
E-waste is traced from collection to recycling
Only covers emissions
Also covers recyclables and pollutants
Only impacts the climate
Also impacts water, soil, air and local population
Reporting granularity
Limited ESG reporting application
Applicable to >10 new CSRD policies and emotional ESG storytelling

We help businesses unlock powerful sustainability benefits

With e-waste tokens, you get access to sustainability data - comparable where needed, as granular as desired.
Retailers & manufacturers
Enable reporting on >10 CSRD policies on the circular economy.
Show impact based on real evidence (collected e-waste) rather than on predictions (CO2).
Add evidence-backed marketing to your products (as per EU regulation from 2026).
Involve your customers in an individual recirculation experience.
Companies using IT
Leverage a new way to make your office footprint sustainable.
Take action against one of the biggest office footprints.
Involve your employees in an individual recirculation journey
Use evidence-backed ESG reporting data in your PR and marketing.
E-waste journey

Watch e-waste being recirculated in real-time

Minimise provides you the data on all steps along the recirculation process. All data that is being collected throughout the recirculation process is made available to you. From the collection on a landfill via transport & processing to recycling to reusable materials. We transparently keep track of all these actions via the Minimise registry

It begins on a landfill in the global south

Qualified and verified personnel collects the e-waste from one of our partner landfills. Minimise documents diligently to provide you with all information on which materials were collected in which amounts where and by whom. Thanks to your commitment, toxic and harmful e-waste is securely recirculated.

Transport to processing

After pickup, Minimise ensures the e-waste is transported to one of our partnering recycling stations for optimal processing.
Preparation for recycling

Preparation for recycling

The recycling process begins with the disassembly of the collected devices. All electronics are taken apart into their individual components. Metals are separated from plastics, and all materials are sorted. The primary goal of this phase is to separate as many materials as possible from the disassembled gadgets.

A new product is made from e-waste

During the recycling process, raw materials such as metals and plastics are recovered. These materials are then reintegrated into the value chain and used to create new products. With this step, the recirculation process is complete. We provide you with a comprehensive report on the volume of e-waste that you have recirculated and assist you with any additional reporting needs you may have.

We partner with businesses that focus on sustainability

Our partners are like-minded companies that care about e-waste and help support sustainable initiatives worldwide.